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This website was created and is maintained to support information sharing between United State Navy veterans who served in the VP-16 Eagle
Squadron, as well as those Navy personnel who are on the active duty in the squadron, now known as the VP-16 War Eagles and home based
at the Naval Air Station, Jacksonville, Florida.  With a goal of bringing together all who have served in our renowned squadron and are interested in maintaining or re-establishing contact with each other, we encourage those who log on to visit our contact page.  We also invite you to surf the site to view various informational presentations, such as current members’ names, photos from past reunions, etc.

When you contact us we will add you to our database, provided you request it.  No personal information contained in our database will be available on this site other than names and dates of service of members who have agreed to be listed.  If you wish, we will also add you to our roster which normally includes mailing and email addresses, and telephone numbers, at your discretion.  We have found this to be a very popular document that our squadron alumni use to contact old friends and shipmates; we provide updated copies at annual reunions, and/or on request.

Should you wish to contact a Shipmate, either listed or believed to have served in VP-16, provide us with your information and we will endeavor to put you in touch with him/her.  Please inform us of any incorrect or missed information.

While a bedrock goal of our organization is to bring together Shipmates through use of this website and annual reunions, your Reunion Association is far more than just a group of ‘Old Salts’ who get together periodically to drink beer.  Here following is a summary of our VP-16 Reunion Association, Inc. that demonstrates the character and charitable support objectives that we all wish to be remembered for.

The VP-16 Reunion Association, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as The Association), is a 501(c)(19) non-profit Federal Income Tax-exempt U. S.  Military Veteran-Affiliated Corporation under the U. S. IRS Tax Code.  Additionally, The Association is a Tax-exempt Veterans Organization pursuant to Chapter 212, State of Florida Statutes.  Incorporation enables the members to enjoy certain financial tax benefits.  The Association is led and managed by a non-compensated Board of Directors (BoD) consisting of a President, Vice President, and Secretary who coordinate an annual corporate meeting during our reunions.  The genesis of The Association is found in the year 1999 when a group of Patrol Squadron Sixteen (VP-16) Navy veteran Eagles and families gathered in reunion to reconnect with each other and share experiences, both during their active-duty years and afterwards.

From that year onward, the early reunions were very popular and the organization has grown markedly to a point where the membership database is now approximately 500. The Service years of squadron alumni range from 1953 to today.


The abiding Principles and Objectives of the Eagles Veterans and their families are to continue to maintain contact with each other; maintain the commitments of loyalty to the Navy and the Nation established at their various times of original enlistmentsand/or appointments; and enjoy renewal of acquaintances through the traditional camaraderie of Shipmates, both amongst Association Membership and the Active Duty Squadron. Ongoing, cooperative partnership between The Association and the Commanding Officer of VP-16 and all squadron personnel enhances the opportunities of periodic fellowship enjoyed during formal reunions and other events.


The Association meets in periodic reunion (usually annually). Venues
vary. When reunions are held in Jacksonville, the entire War Eagle
squadron has the opportunity to interact with the ‘Old’ Eagles. When
convened in other cities to better accommodate a cross section of alumni,
a contingent of War Eagles often journeys to participate in our reunion
activities when deployment schedules permit. Other combined events are
held periodically, such as The VP-16 Heritage Day Celebrations, which are
hosted by the squadron.


The Association BoD has worked with the VP-16 Commanding Officer
to establish a Benefits Support Program designed to assist, where
possible and within The Association’s financial means, active duty
personnel where individual or collective needs are evident and official
Navy funds may not be sufficient.  This assistance is provided in the
best spirit and ideals of citizenship, friendship, and the traditions of
Navy Shipmates helping one another.  The program includes two

features: One, College Scholarships for deserving VP-16 Sailors who
are pursuing college degrees in off-duty  time, and, Two, other minor
financial assistance, in particular, that helps War Eagle families when
occasional shortages of official funds may adversely impact their
morale and welfare. The Benefits Support Program was approved by
The Association membership during the October 2014 corporate
meeting and jointly executed by the President of the BoD and the
Squadron Commanding Officer in January 2015.

VP-16 Reunion Association Copyright 2016. Developed by VP-16 Reunion Association Inc.
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