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Wing Span
123.6 ft (37.64 m)
42.1 ft (12.83 m)
129.5 ft (39.47 m)
Two CFM56-7B engines,
27,000 lb thrust
490 kn (564 mi/h)

1,200 nmi with 4 hrs on station
41,000 ft (12,496 m)
Maximum Takeoff Gross
Weight:  189,200 lb (85,820 kg)

The Navy P-8A buy is scheduled for 117 aircraft (37 LRIP, 80 FRP), however current-era DoD/Navy budgetary issues may impact the plan. The current Navy POM supports purchase of 109 aircraft through 2020, with the “objective” remaining 117. The 109 number will be sufficient to finish the P-3C to P-8A transition. Prices of initial deliveries have averaged around $200 million each with final average costs to be considerably less and somewhere around $140 million. (These are “flyaway” costs which are less than the total per-aircraft procurement costs over the life of the contract.)
Thus far the Navy has taken delivery of 22 P-8As. These include six (6) Test Articles at the Naval Air Test Center, NAS Patuxent River, MD.

T-1 through T-6, some of which are not fully production representative, continue to undergo various testing routines, including: Weapons, SD &D, and follow-up Air Worthiness testing.Squadrons transitioned
from P-3C to P-8A: VP-30 (Training Squadron), VP-16 (currently terminating deployment to West Pac/ASIA), VP-5 and VP-45. In consideration of the early Navy purchases and Boeing delivery schedules, operational squadrons do not take delivery of their full complement of aircraft until nearing deployment. Initially, squadrons will deploy with six (6) aircraft, and eventually seven (7). Nominal Squadron Combat Air Crew complement for deployment: 12.

“The P-8A Poseidon information contained herein this “Fact Sheet” is derived from open sources and is not sanctioned or approved by the Department of Defense or the Department of the Navy. It is provided solely for the information of members of the Patrol Squadron SIXTEEN (VP-16) Reunion Association, the vast majority of whom have never operated with the P-8A Poseidon, the Navy’s newest Maritime Patrol Aircraft.” June, 2014.

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